Enterprise Migrations: How to move 1 million+ posts from ANY CMS to WordPress

The talk will cover experiences learned over the course of several large data migrations into WordPress. We focus on:

  • Single site to multisite, some shortcuts and some of the pitfalls
  • Exporting large amounts of content (1 milltion+ posts) from any CMS.
  • Migrating the content into WordPress and how to handle the above posts in less than 2 hours.
  • Handling content deltas.
  • Moving assets to S3.
  • Some WP CLI scripting tips and the same for shell scripts.
  • Handling redirects.
  • Updating post content to handle changed asset paths.
  • Validating migration success.
  • WP-Config tips to speed up the jobs.
  • When your Macbook Pro is the BEST option for migrations, and when it isn’t.
  • How to handle the migration process and timeframe with another engineering team / the client / the hosting provider.